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July 20 & 21  Dressage 2019 & Dressage 2019 Encore Shows
NODA’s 50th Anniversary Party!   


You’re Invited to NODA’s 50th Anniversary Party
Saturday, July 20, during & after the Musical Freestyle Competition
(late afternoon/early evening)

                              Enjoy Music, Food, Friends, Dancing, Prizes & Fun  
including an Unmounted Quadrille Competition!

 Announcing NODA's first (and possibly last)
Unmounted Quadrille Competition!

Get your teams together because the Quazy Quasi Quadrille competition is happening at NODA's 50th Anniversary Party!

 Teams can be from two to eight people, with the routines no longer than three minutes.  You will sign up at the party with the DJ.  You can request specific music and if the DJ has it, he will play it.  Or you can ask for a general type (march, waltz, metal, etc), or let it be a surprise from the DJ.  No pre-recorded music from the competitors is allowed.

 While it is an unmounted event, stick horses are permitted, and costumes are encouraged!

 There will be a prize for the best routine, determined by spectator applause.

 If you need more info about the Quazy Quasi Quadrille, please contact Kathy Kirchner via e-mail at


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ASTM / SEI Certified Protective Headgear when mounted.
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Facebook Northern Ohio Dressage Association
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