2011 Clinics & Seminars

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Reese Koffler-Stanfield Dressage Clinic & Lecture
October 29 & 30, 2011

        International High Performance Rider, Trainer, Coach, and Clinician
The clinic riders and auditors thank Lake Erie College and NODA for hosting this well organized and excellent clinic!   Everyone enjoyed Reese Koffler-Stanfield and the beautiful Lake Erie College Equestrian Center venue. Each rider had at least 45 minutes ride time each day with Reese, lots of opportunities to audit other rides, ask questions, and attend a fun and interesting lecture early Saturday evening.  There were a variety of delicious snacks and beverages available all weekend for everyone who attended the clinic (including the horses with their own basket of apples and carrots!    There were refreshments and snacks at the Saturday evening lecture AND a special bonus to the riders from NODA and LEC.  Each rider received a very nice backpack filled with a beautiful and educational Reese Koffler-Stanfield dressage calendar and other dressage goodies.  How cool is that ?!?   Did you know that NODA applied for and received a grant from The Dressage Foundation to help defray the costs of for this education event?  Thank you TDF!       Clinic Photos              Clinic Riders Feedback

Reese Koffler-Stanfield
Clinic Wrap-Up
by Berni Moauro, NODA Co-Education Chair

On behalf of NODA and Lake Erie College, I would like to thank the riders who participated in the Reese Koffler-Stanfield clinic this past weekend.  The nine clinic riders displayed a mix of backgrounds and abilities, riding horses that spanned the levels from Young Horse to Grand Prix.  Everyone showed obvious improvement from Reese’s classical, back-to-basics approach, a nd enthusiastic encouragement.   Auditor turnout was disappointingly low, but I want to thank all attendees and volunteers for their support of this educational program.  Feedback from all the riders and auditors was extremely positive.    

We are grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Giedt and Nicole Van Dyke of LEC for their assistance and the use of the LEC Equestrian Center.  The spotless dressage ring was adorned with mums and provided a festive fall background for the clinic, and the classroom was a very comfortable location for the Saturday Welcome reception and lecture.  We are also grateful to the The Dressage Foundation which provided financial support with the Violet M. Hopkins Fund for our educational dressage clinic open to all riders and auditors.   Special thanks go to Dee Liebenthal for her help and photography skills all weekend, and to Marcia Doyle, co-chair partner with education activities.

Finally, we send a big thank you to Reese for sharing your extensive dressage knowledge and education in such a focused, positive, and enjoyable manner.   We hope to have you visit us again!

Rider Feedback
"I would absolutely ride with Reese again.  My trainer attended Sunday morning and was very impressed with her.   Reese’s insights, exercises and ideas are all in sync with what we work on at home.   We worked on straightness Saturday and collection (simple changes, etc.) Sunday.  It was productive and educational.  Thank you Reese, LEC and NODA!"
~ Linda Cooley, OH

“Thank you to Berni, NODA, Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Lake Erie College for hosting a top quality educational event.  My horse and I enjoyed a great weekend of learning and camaraderie.  The clinic was well organized.  Reese was a wonderful instructor to work with, and Lake Erie College an exceptional facility to ride at.  I look forward to attending future NODA and Lake Erie College events.“
~ Karen Pikovsky, Darby Downs Equestrian Center, PA

I would like to thank NODA, Dee Liebenthal, Berni Moauro  and the volunteers for bringing such an engaging educational opportunity for its members!  It was an honor for  me to participate with my new horse, Arabella.   I was delightfully surprised at her focus on the training scale and her training experiences with Conrad Schumacher were readily apparent in her methodology.  Reese was honest but tactful.  With her vast experience and sharp eye, she was able to make marked   improvement to the riding skill of each rider.

Reese is an extremely accomplished and talented professional who is very approachable and kind, yet persistent in her teaching approach.   My only regret is that more members did not make time to participate in such an inexpensive, yet very worthwhile  dressage learning experience.    Those of us fortunate to have befriended Reese, will most certainly root her on to FEI greatness in the years ahead, and implement her wonderful training suggestions! 
~ Regina Sacha-Ujczo, OH

"Thank you for hosting a wonderful clinic.  Reese was a refreshing clinician that gave me the "ah ha" moment I needed to move my horse forward.  I look forward to riding with Reese again!"  

~ Krista Warnick, OHo


Reese Koffler-Stanfield Dressage Clinic Photos from October 29 & 30, 2011
Photography by Dee Liebenthal -- Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Clinic Riders with Reese Koffler-Stanfield

Heather Soones-
Booher & Bordeaux
Training/Young Horse

Linda Cooley
Second Level

Janeen Grava-Langowski
& Morante
First Level

Autumn Harvey
First Level

Karen Pikovsky
Third/Fourth Level

Regina Sacha
& Arabella
Intermediare I

Saturday Evening
Lecture with Reese included Wine,
Cheese & Crackers

Sarah Simmons
& Dolce Mio
Second Level

Kelly Theisen &
First/Second Level

Krista Warnick
 & Kaliber
Second Level

Clinic Auditors Watch the Action

L-R  Saturday Morning Auditors  ~  Elizabeth Bross, NODA Newsletter Co-Editor  ~  Berni Moauro (left) &  Marcia Doyle, NODA Education Co-Chairs

January 22   USEF 2011 Dressage Tests Symposium with Margaret Freeman
"Moving Up the Levels" Lecture & Discussion &  2011 USEF Dressage Tests Video Presentation
USDF University Accredited                Presented and hosted by Lake Erie College and NODA

On behalf of NODA and the Education Committee, we would like to thank everyone who braved the arctic weather and icy roads to attend our 2011 USEF New Test Symposium on Saturday January 22. Thank you to Margaret Freeman for sharing her advice and wealth of knowledge.

1        2        3
1    Symposium Attendees fill the Lecture Hall      
                            2    Discussions with Margaret Freeman continued during lunch      
  3    Margaret Freeman at the Symposium               

1        2        3
Cool Raffle Prizes
       1   Helen Hutchison shows winning ticket to Berni Moaro and Cathy Brogan
        2   Helen displays her beautiful new dressage pad with NODA emblem         
        3   Kelly Walker shows off her fun new dressage T-Shirt                                 

In addition to volunteering for chauffer and dinner companion responsibilities, Jennifer Kick became our impromptu tech support when we had serious video problems. Thank you Jennifer for being Margaret’s assistant for the weekend and the duration of the program.

We would like to thank Dr. Elisabeth Giedt, Lake Erie College, and the LEC Staff and students for their hospitality and support during this collaborative effort. The recently remodeled classroom provided comfortable seating and desk tops for the many note takers.

Special thanks to Ken Moauro and Cathy Brogan who assisted Education Co-Chair, Berni Moauro at the registration desk.

Berni Moauro and Marcia Doyle
NODA Education Committee Co-Chairs

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