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NODA Open Meeting        September 8, 2013
Topline Stables at Walden, Aurora Ohio

The members who attended this Open Meeting enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner, followed by a short business meeting to determine and confirm the slate of 2014/2015 Officers to be voted upon by the membership.  Afterward everyone enjoyed an informative and interesting presentation by Heather Soones-Booher of Saddles 101.  She is a Certified Master Saddler .   She can fit saddles and repair them.

NODA Open Meeting        November 11, 2012
Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center, Bainbridge, Ohio

Meeting attendees enjoyed an interesting tour of Fieldstone Farm with Melissa Hauserman, Volunteer & Community Outreach Director, a brief open meeting, an informative explanation of the USDF Rider Dressage Tests by Lisa Gorretta, and lots of delicious food for the Potluck Dinner!

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Each year NODA hosts Open Meetings for NODA members and their friends.     These meetings provide opportunities to socialize with horse friends, share good food, and enjoy a FREE equine-related educational presentation.  If you have ideas for presentations or presenters, please contact Education Co-Chairs:   Marcia Doyle or Berni Moauro.


Do you have an idea for a NODA Education Event? Clinicians of Interest?   Topic of Interest? 
Do you know of a local stables or equine facility willing to host a NODA OPEN Meeting OR Education Event?   We would like to make the meetings and events accessible to all our members.  All ideas are welcome!   Contact Education Co-Chairs Marcia Doyle or Berni Moauro

September 18, 2011     NODA Open Meeting at Topline Stables

A successful and fun NODA Open Meeting tonight at Topline Stables. Attendees enjoyed fellowship, gorgeous weather and delicious food.   Good News! NODA now has an official slate of 2012 Officers for NODA members to vote on soon. Angela Rahn, Certified Horse Massage Therapist, presented "Equine Massage Techniques to help Prevent Colic". Attendees took home nice gift bags and information massage posters. Thanks Angela!      Thank you Janeen Langowski-Grava and Topline Stables for hosting the open meeting!     


Some attendees of this fun meeting,     enjoying the delicious food!

(L-R): Hawkeye Cooley, Linda Cooley,
          Marcia Doyle, Lisa Gorretta,
          Lora Szloh, Berni Moauro,
          Lauren Hunter, Niki Sackman,
          Mosie Welch, Mary Jo Keptner,
          and Dee Liebenthal

   Angela Rahn, Certified Horse
   Massage Therapist, provided
   gift bags for all attendees and
   posters of massage techniques

Angela's hands-on presentation Massage Techniques to help prevent Colic" was well received by the attendees. 

Special thanks to LEGO and Lauren Hunter for assisting.

  Friday, September 17, 2010   
 by Berni Moauro and Linda Cooley
Photography by Dee Liebenthal (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

A free, fun, and informative NODA open meeting was held Friday evening September 17 at Topline Stables at Walden. NODA president Dee Liebenthal opened the meeting with a review of the revised by-laws. The by-laws were approved and voted into effect by the attending members.

After a break to enjoy coffee, cider, and some really decadent desserts, the attendees settled in for an informative, interesting, and entertaining presentation on safety helmets, given by Lisa Gorretta of The Paddock Saddlery.   Riding safety is a timely and surprisingly controversial topic.

“Safe Riding Starts with Your Head” with Lisa Gorretta

Lisa presented a range of helmets from inexpensive to very expens
ive, explaining the differences (quality, aesthetics, comfort).   Helmets come in different shapes, sizes, and quality – but they ALL must meet or exceed the strict regulations of the ASTM International / SEI Standards.   The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) sets standards for helmet safety, and the SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) checks on manufacturer compliance by testing the helmets to ensure they meet or exceed ASTM Standards.     

Lisa Gorretta

The first wave of ASTM/SEI certified safety helmets were cumbersome and not popular with riders.   The second wave of helmet designs is still being sold today along with the third wave of designs, as manufacturers figure out how to provide air-flow in helmets while meeting ASTM/SEI standards – as well as what riders will buy and wear.


Lisa also brought helmet accessories – hair nets, hat deodorizer, hat cleaner – which help keep helmets more sanitary.   She stated that when your helmet gets wet from sweat or humid weather, it is important to air it out and let the lining dry.  If possible, have a second helmet available and rotate helmets to maximize the useful life of the helmet.


The intended lifespan of your safety helmet ranges from 3 to 5 years.   Various environmental issues such as heat, humidity, cold, sweat, rain, mold, dirt, etc., cause helmet integrity to be compromised.   Helmets should not be stored in very hot or cold conditions (such as your car trunk).  If your helmet is dropped on concrete or if you fall and hit your head, it is strongly recommended that you replace the helmet.    The impact of the helmet hitting the ground compromises the safety features, and the helmet might not be able to protect you should you have another fall.  Just because the hat looks fine on the outside, does not mean it is fine on the inside.  Most helmet manufacturers offer special pricing for needed replacements within a year of your purchase.

Riding Injury Statistics:

·         Approximately 70% of injuries occur while hacking and schooling, not in competition

·         Head injuries account for 60% of deaths resulting from equestrian activities

·         A fall from just 3 feet can cause traumatic brain injury resulting in permanent damage

·         Pony Club head injury rates fell 29% after safety helmet use became mandatory in the early 1980s

·         Risk of injury corresponds to the cumulative amount of time spent in the saddle, not to the level of expertise.

·         Horseback riding (as a sport total) has about the same number of injury accidents occurring per riding hour as does motorcycle riding

It pays to go to Open Meetings and Education Events!    The Paddock Saddlery provided a lovely door prize, a green Paddock zippered tote bag with a lovely soft brown Ariat blanket inside, which was won by NODA webmaster, Linda Cooley.  (see photo)

 Some attendees of the Open Meeting

  Back Row, L to R:   Berni Moauro, Mary Jo Keptner, Mary Dana, Dale Lappert,
                            Gail Patton, Kathy Kirchner, Marcia Doyle, Jennifer Kick. Janeen Langowski-Grava

  Front Row, L to R:  Pat Lightbody, Mary Dana Prescott, Linda Cooley holding door prize, Lisa Gorretta 

On behalf of NODA and the Education Committee, Marcia and Berni extend their sincere thanks to Lisa for the gracious donation of her time, for supplying the helmets and accessories for the demonstration, and for the door prize.   Thank you also to Janeen Langowski-Grava and Topline Stables for providing a picturesque setting for the meeting on a beautiful autumn evening.



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