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NODA Newsletter Team

Lead Editor - Layout/Content     Mosie Welch 330-618-5838
Advertising/Classifieds Editor Jennifer Cooper 216-469-3920
NODA Member Services Directory Editor  Mosie Welch 330-618-5838
 Corral Magazine - NODA
 Article Contributor
Mosie Welch  330-618-5838

Submission Deadlines

Advertising & Articles  The 10th of the Month prior to the next month's issue
Calendar & Classifieds  The 15th of the month prior to the next month's issue

Advertisement Submission Guidelines for Newsletter
** Newsletter Ads run concurrently on the Website **

1.    Ad Sizes, Duration, Fees are listed on the NODA Advertising Form  

2.    Required AD Format      Submit Ads in "JPG" or photo format, 300 dpi or higher resolution, and in the
       size selected on your completed NODA Advertising Form.  
Ads may be returned for reworking if not
       sized or in publishable (300 dpi or higher) format.
3.    Deadline to Submit Ad  10th of the month prior to the next month's issue, in which your ad will run.

4.    Payment       Full payment required with completed Advertising Form before an Ad can be published.

5.    AD Publishing Notification  You will be notified when your ad is published.

6.    Business Card Ads    E-mail business card as photo attachment, 300 dpi or higher resolution.

7  Questions or Assistance with Ad Sizing/Photo Resolution   
Contact Advertising Editor, Jennifer Cooper       216-346-2811

8.    NODA reserves the right to refuse advertising.

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Photo Submission Guidelines for Newsletter


1.     Photo Requirements   High resolution (300 dpi or higher) in JPEG/JPG or TIFF

2.     How to Send    Photos must be submitted as attachment to e-mails, and not embedded in an
        article or e-mail.

3.     Cover Photos for NODA News
        o   Size:   8.5 wide x 11 long with uncluttered background
High resolution (300 dpi or higher) in JPEG/JPG or TIFF
o   How to Submit   Via e-mail as attachment/  Please do not crop the photo attachment to allow
             the editors to format as necessary
4.     Photos from NODA Events or Horse Shows  
               *  If planning to submit photos for newsletter, advise co-editors

               *  Photos should Include horse bridle number when possible to be able to identify horse/rider team

               *  Include horses and riders from a variety of barns, stables, and trainers

               *  Any riders on horseback MUST be wearing a secured safety helmet

               *  All subjects in photos must be identified (name of horse, rider, or other persons) when submitted

               *  Event or show name and date must be included with photo(s) submitted
  Photographer credit must be provided

               *  Event or show photos may include riders, volunteers, stable, signs, judge booths,
                   stabling area, or other things of interest
               *  Eligible for NODA Bucks if used in newsletter
5.     NODA reserves the right to determine which photos will be published.


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Article Submission Guidelines for Newsletter 
** Articles receive NODA Bucks based on length **

Topic Content and Questions   Contact Lead Editor, Mosie Welch, to present topic of your article and
        confirm it is not already covered by another writer.

2.     When Articles are Published  The lead editor will decide when an article will be published based
        space and required content.    (NODA specific news and highlights have top priority in the NODA News.)

3.     Articles Topic Ideas Welcomed:   Highlight an aspect of training, a piece of horse related equipment, an
        equine or rider treatment modality, or a member(s) highlight or achievement.  Share a unique equestrian
        experience of interest to other riders and horse enthusiasts, or write a clinic review. 

4.     Photographs Encouraged to enhance your article.   (Refer to "How to submit a Photo").

5.     Deadline to Submit Articles10th of the  month prior to the next month's issue.
        NOTE - your article may be held for a future issue based on newsletter space availability
        and other required content.

6.     Article Proofing/Editing   Submitted articles are proofed and edited for flow, grammar, and newsletter
        space constraints.

7 .    Submit Article(s)    Submit your article and photos as e-mail attachments to

8.     NODA reserves the right to determine which articles to publish, and when.

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How to submit a Classified Ad for the Newsletter
** Newsletter Classified Ads run concurrently on the Website **

1.     Submit Classified  E-mail or snail mail Classifieds Editor at 
2.     Deadline to Submit Classified(s)15th of the  month prior to the next month's issue.
3.     What to Include    
        a/    Your full name, contact information, and if a NODA Member (yes or no).

        b/    Advise what type of Classified Ad you want
        c/    Format the classified as you would like it published
4.     Payment   
Full payment required before Classified Ad can be published.

5.     NODA Member Classifieds     NODA member classifieds have priority.

o    Classified Ad, 60 words or LESS       FREE

o    Classified Ad, 60 words or MORE     $5.00

o    2nd Classified Ad                               $5.00  (runs for 2 months)

o    Photo with Ad:                                    $5.00

6.     Non-NODA member Fees

o    Classified Ad, 60 words or LESS      $5.00

o    Classified Ad, 60 words or MORE     $5.00 per month
o    Photo with Ad                                     $5.00 per photo

7.     Classifieds Editor Contact     Jennifer Cooper   216-469-3920 
        Address  NODA Classifieds c/o Jill Voigt
                         P.O. Box 347022
                         Parma, OH  44134

8.   NODA News reserves the right to refuse a classified.

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