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UPDATED  11/16/2019          USDF Educational Programs & Events


USDF "L" Education Program - Part 1
Hosted by NODA & USDF Approved
             May 18/19, Aug 17/18, Oct 26/27

Oct 26/27, 2019  Session C: Collective Marks, Basics, Rider Biomechanics  
USDF Instructor, Sue Curry Shaffer  (USEF "S" Judge)    
Hosted by NODA at Topline Stables, Aurora OH    (USDF #103126)
Aug 17/18, 2019  Session B:   Gaits, paces, Movements, Figures    
USDF Instructor, Trenna Atkins  (USEF "S" Judge),
Hosted by NODA in Hudson, OH   (USDF #103125)
May 18/19, 2019  Session A:  Rules & Biomechanics         
USDF Instructor, Marilyn Heath (USEF "S" Judge),
Hosted by NODA at Blue Ridge Farm, North Ridgeville    (USDF #103124)

                                                    What is the USDF L Education Program?  

Developed by the USDF Judges’ Committee, this educational training program teaches judges to evaluate the correct training of dressage horses.   It is designed with several goals in mind:
o   Provide trainers, instructors, competitors and spectators' insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage.
Prepare and evaluate candidates who wish to pursue entry into the USEF 'r' Judge Training Program.
o   Provide continuing education for licensed judges and L graduates.

This educational training program features selected faculty of experienced, United States Equestrian Federation recognized “S” judges.  The USDF L Program is divided into two (2) parts.  Each part consists of three (3) sessions.  

Part 1    “A Judge’s Perspective” is open to all USDF Members; this is the educational foundation of the program.
Session A is an introduction to judging and biomechanics. View Video
Session B is about judging criteria for gaits & paces, movements & figures. View Video
Session C is about collective marks, equitation, rider biomechanics and basics. View Video

Part 2   “Candidate’s Evaluation” is open to Participating Members with three verified scores from USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions.  The scores requirement consists of two scores of 65% or higher at the highest test of Second Level and one score of 62% or higher at Third Level or above. Three scores of 62% or higher at Third Level or above from three different judges or any combination of these requirements would also meet the requirements (see Participant Guide for more information). Part 2 is geared towards those who are interested in graduating from the program to officiate at schooling shows or who plan to apply for the USEF ‘r’ Judge Training Program.

  Session D1 involves practice judging full tests in each of the levels at a recognized competition.
  Session D2 is similar to the D1 Session but with more emphasis on the testing situation and prepares candidates
    for the final exam.

o Final Exam is comprised of both a written and practical exam. The written exam is all True/False and multiple choice,
   while the practical exam is a combination of judging full tests and some oral judging as well.

The feasibility of NODA offering Part 2 will be evaluated in the next months. 

PART 1 USDF L Program - NODA Contacts
Organizer:  Jeni Gaffney,, Phone 330-858-3201
              Application Forms & Payment:  Dee Liebenthal,,  Phone 216-534-1911


January 5, 2019    USEF 2019 Dressage Tests Symposium
with Margaret Freeman "S" Judge
Hosted by NODA at Lake Erie College Equestrian Center, Concord Ohio  
USDF University Accredited Course 103035               
 Event Flyer

   It was a terrific day of information and fun with Margaret Freeman, learning about the new USDF/USEF tests for 2019.  We were at capacity with over 80 attendees.   The breakfast and lunch food provided by Lake Erie College's food service was delicious!    Thank you to our sponsors, The Dressage Foundation, USDF, Lake Erie College Equestrian Center & Big Dee'sTack & Veterinary Supplies. We were at capacity with over 80 attendees.   Thank you to our Education Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Scalabrino and Linda McGall, who did a great organizing this event.   We also appreciate all the volunteers!  Visit the NODA Facebook page for Symposium Pictures.

The USDF University Program provides recognition for USDF members who strive to continue their dressage education through their participation in USDF educational programs. It also provides an accreditation structure for independently-organized events, allowing members to earn USDF credit for participating in accredited programs conducted by GMOs and other groups. For guidelines and other important documents, see our forms & documents page. Each year, during its annual convention, USDF Offers educational sessions for dessage professionals and enthusiasts of all levels. USDF accepts proposals for suggested topics. Topics must be submittted to the USDF office by February 1st on the appropriate form (PDF)

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