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2018 NODA Adult & Junior Amateur Scholarship Winners
Kathy Kirchner, Victoria Patterson Pirko  JR:  Josephine Cooper, Diana Shale 

2017 NODA Adult & Junior Amateur Scholarship Winners                     
AA:  Katie Arbogast, Sally Burton, Regina Sacha-Ujczo  JR:  John Sandy, Maria Sandy

Amateur Scholarships for Juniors, Young Riders, Adults
Deadline to Apply:   October 1

Jr/YR Scholarship Application                AA Scholarship Application            Volunteer Record 
 Scholarship Evaluation Rubric                   
Check Request Form           Scholarship Guidelines


The education of our Amateur members (Junior, Young Rider and Adult) is very important to NODA as riders, horse owners, and possible future trainers.    Each year NODA offers four (4) scholarships in the amount of $250 each.  Two (2) are designated for Junior/Young Riders, and two (2) are designated for Adult Amateurs.   An amateur member may be awarded a scholarship once every three years.   If you apply and are not awarded a scholarship, please re-apply the following year. 

Scholarship Use   Scholarships may be used for any educational dressage event.   This includes all dressage clinics, seminars, symposiums, lessons, and other dressage education events.  Scholarship funds may not be applied to show fees, board bills, or leasing costs.  At the time of application, applicants are not required to have detailed and specific plans for the money. 

Application Deadline  October 1 of the Year PRIOR to the Scholarship Award.  For example, if you wish to receive money for an event taking place in the year 2020, you must submit your Application Packet to NODA by October 1, 2019. 

Application Review
  A scholarship committee will review and evaluate all applications received by the October 1 deadline according to the
Scholarship Evaluation Rubric.

Application Receipt & Award Notification   
NODA will acknowledge receipt of applications.  Scholarship Recipients announced at the annual November Year-End Awards Banquet.  All applicants will be notified by November 30 of the current year whether or not they will be awarded NODA scholarship. 

Scholarship Funds
Request  When a scholarship recipient determines an education event for which to use his/her scholarship funds, he/she is required to submit a Check Request Form in order to receive scholarship money.  Funds will be reimbursed in the form of a check made payable directly to the clinician or host of the event.  Scholarship recipients may use their scholarships toward more than one educational dressage event.

                                              Applicant Qualifications for NODA Amateur Scholarships

1.  Volunteer Hours  Applicant must have completed a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer work during the year
      they submit their Scholarship Application. 

   Six (6) of the total volunteer hours must be with NODA
o   Remaining hours may be with NODA or any other organization (horse-related or otherwise).
o   All hours must be documented and signed by an organization official

   Give Back Project   Applicant must be willing to complete a project to NODA if awarded a scholarship 
      (Examples:   Presentation to NODA Board/Community about your education event experience or write an
       article for the NODA Newsletter.) 

   Scholarship Application Packet   Applicant must complete and submit the following:
    Junior/Young Rider Scholarship Application     - or -   Adult Amateur Scholarship Application
                           (Application Responses to Questions 1, 2, and 3 must be typed)
    b.   Volunteer Record
.   Letter(s) of Recommendation    Each applicant must submit at least one (1) Letter of Recommendation. You may
            submit up to four (4) letters.  The letter(s) must be from a credible source who is familiar with you as an equestrian or
            has worked closely with  you on volunteer projects or in the classroom (i.e. your trainer, teacher, volunteer supervisor,


Mail Application To: 
Christa Sandy
20099 Parklane Drive
Rocky River, OH  441165

Questions?   Contact

Mail Application To:
Sally Burton
8652 Beacon Hill
Chagrin Falls, OH  44023-5849
Questions?  Contact

Professional Grants for Noda Members
New Interim Contact, Arielle Brodkey

The NODA Professional Grant fund is designed to help further the professional horseperson’s
education at seminars, USEF or USDF events, programs, or functions (excludes riding clinics).

Professional Grant Application (Type-In Format)

Two Ways to Submit Application:  

1/   Print & Mail to:  Arielle Brodkey, 13901 Shaker Blvd Apt 3A, Cleveland OH  44120-1588

2/   Save completed application as PDF & e-mail to:

Grant $$$ Available   50% Cost of Event Reimbursable  (Up to $400)

NODA Membership Requirement    Applicant must be a “professional” horse person as defined in the USEF rule book, AND he/she must be a member in good standing with NODA.

Questions? E-mail Arielle at

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