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          NODA & Lake Erie College hosted the 2012 Region 2 Nutrena/USDF Adult Rider Clinic

Were you there?   Wasn't it great?   What a fantastic dressage clinic and education opportunity for all dressage enthusiasts.   A very special thank you to Berni Moauro, Education Co-Chair, for spearheading and organizing this successful event on behalf of NODA.      List of Clinic Riders

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USDF/Nutrena Adult Clinic Hosted by NODA and Lake Erie College.
Betsy Juliano, Liz Ritz, Heather Soones-Booher, George Williams, Lilo Fore,
Suzy Coleman on Brazen Beauty, Chloe Fullar & Laura Headley.
   (Riders not shown:   Emily Dutton Craig and Deanna Hertrich)

Photos by Liz Ritz Photography

It takes a Village to Run a Clinic!
By Berni Moauro, NODA Education Committee Co-Chair

I would like to personally thank the many people who made the Region 2 Nutrena/USDF Adult rider clinic a success.

First and foremost, thank you to Nutrena and USDF for providing the adult clinic series and all of the sponsors who have made it possible.  Thank you to Gayle Reveron and Vanessa Rango, who provided information and samples of Nutrena products, as well as a presentation on helmet safety. Thank you to Jane Heart for donating a necklace from her collection which was raffled off on Sunday afternoon. Jane has donated a piece of jewelry to each of the 9 Adult Rider Clinics.

Many thanks to Lilo Fore, who was tireless thru the heat and humidity. Her ability to zero in on the details was amazing, bringing each horse to a higher level right before our eyes.

Thank you to the skilled riders and their talented horses. There was a good mix of breed, level and location with some local riders and some from surrounding states. One rider traveled 1000 miles to join us from Wisconsin. During their lessons the riders smiled with enthusiasm despite the sweat running down their faces.   Many thanks to Liz Ritz for taking the time after her rides to take photos of the riders.

Thank you to the Staff and Faculty of Lake Erie College for the use of their facility:  Dr. Pam Hess, Dr. Elisabeth Giedt, Nicole Van Dyke, Jim Truckly, Eric Byram, and Jessica Meet. Nicole was my personal assistant for the weekend and I kept her running.  She complied enthusiastically to all requests, from checking electrical boxes to picking up Lilo at the hotel each morning.

Special thanks to my husband, Ken, for his assistance in stuffing coupons into the hand-out bags, and his patience during the time I have spent on this project. He also drove Lilo to the airport safely, on time, and in style in a new red Corvette.

Thank you to the volunteers who made my weekend easy and allowed me the time to enjoy the clinic: Linda Cooley, who paused from her email blasts and website updates to work the walk-in registration desk each day.  Halle Clause, presidents of CADS, who supported her NODA friends for the weekend. Mary Lou Gallagher, ever organized, manned the registration desk on Saturday. Lynn Fry and Kathy Kirchner assisted with registration on Sunday. Dee Liebenthal, Gail Patton, Fran Cverna, Niki Sackman, Elizabeth Bross, Patti Valencic, Beth Scalabrino, Sandy Anderson, Linda Urban, Jill Voigt and Stephanie Kiroff were at the ready for whatever tasks needed to be done.

Thank you to Ron Lukehart and the staff of Metz Culinary Management for providing lunch each afternoon and a great BBQ buffet on Saturday night. Ron and his staff were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

A big THANK YOU to the auditors who came out to enjoy the clinic, despite the heat and their busy schedules.  The USDF has provided this clinic series for the adult amateurs, the grass roots of the organization. The best way we can show our appreciation is by our attendance. I hope that the auditors came away with an exercise or an insight to help them with their own riding and training. That was Lilo’s goal, and mine as well.  


From NODA President, Dee Liebenthal        6/30 & 7/1 USDF/Nutrena Adult Rider Clinic for Region 2

Thank you to all the participants, riders, auditors, organizers, volunteers and Lake Erie College staff for a providing a wonderful weekend of dressage education, good food and fun at the USDF/Nutrena Adult Clinic with Lilo Fore.

Lilo was fun and approachable inside and outside the clinic setting. She maintained a unbelievable high level of energy and taught with unbridled positive enthusiasm fed by her years of experience and education in the field of Dressage. Even the heat didn’t slow her down. Many went away, saying they would love to have her back in the area again.

The riders were wonderful, friendly and fun while being very open and excited to learn from Lilo and her tool box full of exercises and tips. The riders rode a variety of horse breeds and types with all levels represented. NODA can’t thank them enough for being a part of this event. Their lessons and the heat were challenging but they all put themselves out there, with dignity, class and good sportsmanship to learn from a master. But just as important, they put themselves out there in front of an audience, so auditors could also learn. I was completely impressed with each one of them.

There are many volunteers to thank. A grateful “thank you” goes out to all those who helped us throughout the weekend. They were all wonderful to work with and their time and support was really appreciated. “Thank you” also to all the NODA members who helped out prior to the event with communication, and marketing to help make the event successful. You always go above and beyond. We can’t do an event like this without a team. You are part of a good team.

Thank you also to our host facility, Lake Erie College Equestrian Center. NODA is really thrilled with the relationship that we are building with LEC and hope it continues for years to come. It has always been a wonderful venue for equestrian events. I have to say though that in redoing the sound system recently, they put icing on the cake. It is a wonderful system, clear and crisp and available throughout the venue. Volunteers and auditors alike periodically took advantage of being able to enjoy air conditioned comfort and still hear and see everything that was going on with complete clarity.

Thank you to the USDF/Nutrena Adult Clinic Series for sponsoring this event. It was wonderful and we were so lucky and proud to have the opportunity for this special event in our area. Thank you also to USDF President George Williams, for his support in being there.

A big thank you to the auditors who attended and took advantage of the learning opportunity offered. It was nice to see people that we knew, but also nice to meet new people and to hear their comments and feedback on the event. We were challenged by many other local equestrian events, weather and the upcoming Holiday weekend in our efforts to entice attendance. Alas we would have loved to have more support, but those who were there, loved every minute of the event.

Another big “thank you” goes out to the professionals who came and/or encouraged their students to attend. Without your support, NODA cannot serve the larger membership.

This “thank you” letter is a general one. However, I must thank the most important person by name. Thank you, Bernie Moauro, NODA’s Education Committee Co-Chair, for her persistent, organized and take charge way of working, for putting together a fabulous weekend. She worked tirelessly with USDF, riders, auditors, volunteers, Lake Erie College staff and caterers to perform magic and make it all happen. She will now have a vacation…….

Clinic Format This clinic was open to riders who are USDF members ages 22 and older. The format includes eight private sessions, approximately 45 minutes in length each day. These symposium-style clinics include both amateurs and professionals at a range of levels, and a variety of breeds, types, and training issues is sought to provide maximum interest and benefit to the auditors. The clinician will involve the audience during walk breaks and in between rides as appropriate, reinforcing the training techniques demonstrated to maximize benefit to the auditors. The clinics typically run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and includes a lecture, a break for lunch and a short break in the morning and afternoon.

Tune in to the Dressage Radio Show to hear Lilo Fore’s advice on selecting the appropriate competition level based on your training program and hear her goals for the clinic series during the USDF portion of the show. Experience Lilo’s teaching style on e-TRAK, USDF’s online learning center for dressage and equine education.

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