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2 Ways to Enter
a Show

      ONLINE  www.HorseShowOffice.com  (Step-by-Step Instructions for Online Sign Up)
        US MAIL     o   Entries must be Postmarked with Entry OPEN Date or later
 o  Entries must be RECEIVED BY Entry Close Date

NODA Schooling Shows are able to host 70 riders. 
Entries received after a show is full and by the Close Date, will be placed on a waitlist for the show. 


Show Locations

Receive By Date Judges
OPEN Schooling Show  (*) A
Chagrin Valley Farms     www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com
9250  E. Washington St, Bainbridge OH Sue Ford 440-543-7233
    Ryan Bell, (r)

Clara Etzel (L*)
OPEN Schooling Show  (*) A
Chagrin Valley Farms     www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com
9250  E. Washington St, Bainbridge OH Sue Ford 440-543-7233
    Cheryl Connell-Marsh (R)
Janell Scherbarth (L)
OPEN Schooling Show  (*) A
Chagrin Valley Farms     www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com
9250  E. Washington St, Chagrin Falls OH  44023
Sue Ford  440-543-7233
    Kristen Boyd (R)

Alison Schmidbauer
OPEN Schooling Show   (*) A
Rocky River Stables       www.ValleyRiding.org
19901 Puritas Ave, Rocky River, OH  44116
Margaret McElhany     216-267-2525
    Robin Birk (r)

Shari Wolke
OPEN Schooling Show   (*) A
Fair Winds Farm    Facebook Page
16490 Munn Road, Auburn Township, OH  44023
Sarah McEachern   860-806-2078  SarahMcEachern@gmail.com
    Jennifer Roth (r)

Amy Rothe-Heitter
OPEN Schooling Show  (*) B
Chagrin Valley Farms     www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com
9250  E. Washington St, Bainbridge OH Sue Ford 440-543-7233
    Fatima Kranz (R)

Nicky Vogel
   (*) C  Open to Pre-Qualified Competitors Only
Chagrin Valley Farms     www.ChagrinValleyFarms.com
9250  E. Washington St, Bainbridge OH  Sue Ford  440-543-7233 Championship Invite/Entry sent to Qualified Competitors
    Fatima Kranz (R)

Nicky Vogel (R)

                                              (*) Important Show Notes
A)  Open to members and non-members; members may qualify at show for Championship


(B)  Open to members and non-members, NOT a qualifying show for Championship


(C)  Open to pre-qualified NODA Members ONLY.    Championship Entry Form Required

Show / Volunteer Questions, Sally Burton
Entry & Ride Times
     Niki Sackman



How to Contact Show Secretary             
& Show Manager  Learn More

How Ride Times are Scheduled
 Learn More

Mandatory Entry & Show Requirements

Proof of Negative Coggins Test (EIA) Required with Show Entry  This safeguards the safety and well being of horses at the shows.  Your horse's name on your show entry MUST match the horse name on your Negative Coggins.    USEF Rule GR907.4 includes the following statement: “For Dressage Competitions, any documentation such as negative EIA certification that is required for entry to a competition must list the same horse name and description as is listed on the entry blank and on the USEF horse identification or recording documents.” 

Safety Helmets Required  

 and non-competitors)
must wear
approved ASTM/SEI Helmets regardless
 of competition level as per USEF Rule DR120.6 and in compliance with
USEF Rule GR801.

Entries & Required Signatures  Rider, Owner, and Trainer signatures required on Entry Forms before you can receive your entry number to compete.   (Trainer signature needed only if they are riding your horse).  Parents must sign Entry for minors.  Three ways to submit signed entry forms: 
  Follow instructions in online entry e-mail confirmation to download, sign, and submit signed entry form
(2)   E-mail signed entry form to Niki at ss-secretary@nodarider.org, or
(3)   Bring signed entry form to show and submit it at show office check-in

Bridle Show Numbers

Issued at Show Office check-in.  All competitors must have a Show Number BEFORE entering warm-up areas

Show Volunteer Signup Options
  Schooling Show Job Descriptions  


2020 NODA Volunteer ONLINE Signup

***  SIGN UP On-Line     (Instructions & Information)

     ***  Call/Text/E-mail Sally Burton at 440-221-7544 or  SchoolingShow@nodarider.org

High Point Ribbons  at Every Show!

                Horse/Rider High Point Ribbons
    All Competitors Eligible!


   * USDF Intro (Classes 1 - 3) 

    * Training & First 
(Classes 4 - 9)


Second - FEI (Class 10 - 19)

 * Western Intro - Level Four
(Classes 23 - 46)

Thoroughbred High Point Awards

 *  Classical Dressage

 *  Western Dressage

  Horses must be pre-registered at
   www.TJCTIP.com before a show date
   to be eligible!  Click HERE for Details!

Ride Times & Show Notes   
On NODA Website by Wednesday or Thursday before each Show

Or Contact Schooling Show Secretary at E-mail SS-Secretary@nodarider.org
or   Phone 440-454-4709
(No Text Messages)

How to Contact Show Secretary or Show Manager

We appreciate all show communications and wish to clarify the acceptable communication methods utilized by Show Secretary, Niki Sackman. Please note due to Niki’s poor cell service some calls may be delayed. Thank you!

Before Show Day    
       Messages               E-mail, US mail, Telephone/Voicemail Niki at 440-454-4709, In Person
       Show Documents     E-mail to SS-Secretary@nodarider.org, US mail, Horse Show Office, or submit Photocopy(s) at show


Day before Show Day   E-mails checked until 2 pm, or you may Telephone/Voicemail Niki at 440-454-4709

Show Day
                     Telephone/Voicemail  Niki 440-454-4709 or Sally (show manager) 440-221-7544
Many of you know that phone service at show venues tend to be unreliable. We will, however, do our best to check for voicemail messages throughout the day.   Please also note Niki and Sally are NOT able to access Facebook Messenger on Show Days.  Thank you for notifying us if you are scratching, and we apologize in advance if we are unable to respond during the show. 

How  Ride Times are Scheduled 

All shows usually begin at 8:00 AM with the large ring (20x60) tests being held first. NODA and the show committee/ management reserve the right to limit entries, to add, combine or cancel classes, and to make whatever changes may be required by the circumstances of the competition. When the large ring tests are complete, we will change to the small ring and tests. When cross entering divisions, it is possible competitors will ride their higher level test first, as we will try to run higher level tests first before it gets too hot, but there is no guarantee on ride time.

Why did we implement this change?
Our judges have been asking us to organize the show schedule so upper level tests are in the morning when the judges and scribes are more "fresh". Upper level tests are more involved and take more concentration than the Introductory level tests. Also upper level tests require longer warm-up time. Competitors have asked for this schedule change to enable them to ride in the morning before it gets too hot.


Always Double Check Ride Times When You Arrive
 and Check-In at a Show!

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