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  to November 30





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NODA Member Equine Services Directory

Come Join the Fun!
  You can be a show volunteer, committee member or chairperson,
 club officer, or an active, interested member!  Somewhere within
the structure of NODA,  there is a niche for YOU!  
Membership Questions?  Membership@nodarider.org

NODA Memberships
Which one is right for you?
  "FULL" Adult and Youth Memberships
 include USDF Membership and USDF Benefits!

$45 Adult Full Membership

                       $35 Youth Full Membership

Sign up for YOUTH membership UNLESS you are 22 or older in 2019.   If you turn 22 or older in 2018, you must sign up for Adult Amateur or Professional membership.   YOUTH are Junior and Young Riders.  NODA schooling shows and year-end awards may have separate Junior categories. Consult the NODA Schooling Show Prize List and Year End Awards guidelines for the definition of the Junior category. 

New     $20 Golden-Ager Full Membership
(must be at least 75 years old)

       $20 Additional Family Member Full Membership

Use for family members of an ADULT member or a YOUTH member.  For families (spouses, parents, children) who want FULL memberships, the primary family member must sign up for either ADULT or YOUTH membership.   Other family member(s) can sign up for ADDITIONAL membership to receive full member benefits.

                      $24  "NODA News" Newsletter
                           ** Subscription ONLY **


For those who wish to receive printed newsletter only.   Please note this subscription option is not a NODA membership, and it does not include any NODA or USDF GMO member benefits. 

Amateur Scholarships
 For NODA Juniors, Young Riders, and Adults

     To win 2020 Scholarship, you must apply in 2019
  (Application Deadline: October 1)

The education of our Amateur members (Junior, Young Rider and Adult) is very important to NODA as riders, horse owners, and possible future trainers.   NODA will offer a total for four (4) scholarships:   Two (2) Junior/Young Rider Scholarships, and Two (2) Adult Amateur Scholarships.   An amateur member may be awarded a scholarship once every three years.


Scholarships may be used for any educational dressage event.   This includes all dressage clinics, symposiums, lessons, and other dressage education events.  Scholarship funds may not be applied to show fees, board bills, or leasing costs.  Application Deadline:  October 1, 2016   

More information & Forms

Professional Grants
 for NODA Horse Professional Members

Do you attend education seminars,
USEF or USDF events, programs, or functions?  

(Grants may not be used for riding clinics).

More Information & Application Instructions

NODA Membership Benefits

USDF "Group Member" Membership
 NODA Schooling Shows  Discounted Entry Fee
Schooling Show Series Championship participation
Year-End Awards & Scholarships
Professional Education Grants
Amateur Scholarships (Juniors, Young Riders, Adults)
Free or Discounted Fees to attend NODA  sponsored/
supported Education Events
NODA Officer or Board Member eligibility
"NODA News"  Newsletter`
NODA Website:   www.nodarider.org
FREE Classified Ads in Newsletter and Website
Annual Member Equine Services Directory
Meet other horse enthusiasts
OPEN Member Meetings with Potluck Dinners & Educational Presentations
Horsemen's Corral Subscription Discount
$10 for NODA Members (regularly $30)   Learn More

Volunteer Opportunities that provide valuable NODA Bucks.
 (NODA bucks can be used to pay for
any NODA sponsored events)

NODA Membership ALSO Includes
USDF Group Member (GMO) Benefits

Publications, Phone App, Membership Card

USDF Member Guide (annual publication)
o  USDF Connection Magazine
    10 issues per year available on-line at
www.usdf.org and/or
     you may receive by U.S. Mail plus
o  USDF APP provides full access to all non-retail titles 

o  USDF e-News Newsletters
o  USDF GMO Card for USDF competitions
USDF Eligibility to:
o   USDF University Program earned credit
USDF/Dover Saddlery Adult Amateur National
     Merit Award

o   Participate in Rider Performance Award Programs
 Compete at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized
o   e-TRAK  Full access to USDF's On-line learning
     center for dressage and equine education
USDFScores.com:  Full access to the Official USDF
    source accurate and complete dressage scores
o   Representation at USDF Board of Govenors via
     GMO Delegate
o   Ruth Arvanette Grant (funds USDF convention
o   GMO Volunteer of the Year, Youth Volunteer of the
     Year, Shining Star, Arts & Creativity Contest Awards
o    USDF "L" Education Porgram
o    The Dressage Foundation Grants
USDF Discounts:
  Member-discount rates including annual convention,
      national symposium, adult clinics, Jr/YR clinics, and
      the Trainers’ Conference
o    UDSF Store Member Discount
USDF’s Member Perks Partner Discounts

   DressageClinic.com                  15% discount
o   DressageExtensions.com 
$10 off $100+ purchases
o   DressageTrainingOnline.com     25% discount
o   HotelStorm                      10-55% hotel savings
o   Farmvet.com                                5% discount
o   MyDressageStats.com                1 free month
Premier Equestrian                      5% discount
o   USRider         New Member $29 Activation Fee


Northern Ohio Dressage Association
       USDF GMO No. 211

The USDF has approximately 130 affiliated dressage clubs, or Group Member Organizations (GMOs), across the United States and Canada. These clubs submit their membership rosters to the USDF office. By joining your local GMO, you automatically become a group member (GM) of USDF.   To learn more about how your group membership contributes to your GMOs voting strength at the Board of Governors meeting, click here.

USDF Group Member Membership Cards
are mailed by USDF.  You get a USDF Group Membership Card unless you are a current USDF PM (Participating Member), or unless you are already a member of some other GMO.  You only get one card from the USDF.  Group Membership (GM) FAQs from USDF may be found at www.usdf.org/faqs/gmo.asp#7.  Your USDF number will be the same whether you have a Participating Membership (PM) or a Group Membership (GM) because once you are assigned a USDF number, it does not change.  (NOTE: These GMO member cards are acceptable proof of USDF Membership at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized shows The USEF membership card, which you must also present at recognized competitions, can also be found on the USDF web site.

NODA Membership cards
are available only if requested, because the  online membership roster on the MEMBERSHIP page of
www.nodarider.org is used as verification of membership for all NODA activities.  If you would like a hardcopy NODA membership card, please contact Fran Cverna, Membership Chair, at Membership@nodarider.org  or 440-834-1774.

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